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Pine Needle Basket Weavers

High in the mountains of the Mexico, a gentle wind blows through the pine tree forest. As they have for thousands of years, the needles from these trees fall settling on the forest floor. It is with this simple piece of natures refuse and the skill and talent of true artisans that our pine needle baskets are made.

Over the last three years we have worked closely with groups of weavers developing designs that make Model Metalworks pine needle baskets distinct and unique. The first step in the process is gathering the fallen pine needles from off the ground. The pine needles in this area do not biodegrade and by clearing the needles it helps the community environmentally, removing the element that is the main cause of forest fires in the region.

After it is collected, the natural fiber is cleaned thoroughly to remove dirt and bundled to prepare for weaving. What happens next is nothing less than remarkable. The weavers start the basket by tying a durable nylon thread to the end of a thin coil of needles. As they weave the desired shape, the artisan dampens the pine needles making them more pliable while another hand stitches with the nylon line binding the coils together. When the pine needle run out they insert more until the basket is complete. The finished product is exceptional with its humble elegance and natural pine scent. Nickel trim is added to many of our designs elevating them to both modern and contemporary. The contrast between the natural pine basket and the nickel trim is exquisite.

It has been such a pleasure working with and supporting the weavers over the years. With our efforts we are able to contribute to the lives of approximately 23 families in the weaving communities.

The weaving of natural fibers is an art form man has passed down through generations. We hope through our company’s hard work we can continue promoting the talent of these amazing artisans and preserve the art of pine needle basket weaving for many years to come.

Sand cast polished alloy

Mexican craftsmen are known to produce some of the finest metal works in the world. We began working together with a family of skilled artisans designing and creating attractive metal designs in the year 2000.

The art of sand casting metal has been practiced for centuries. Each piece of our collection is hand made in this age old process. First, a mold is packed in sand then removed to outline the design of each piece. Once the sand is ready, our lustrous blend of alloys is poured into the mold. After the metal cools, the sand is removed revealing the ruff unfinished design. The piece then goes through a series of polishing first by machine and then finally by hand.

The end result is an eye-catching and functional piece of art. The luster of the metal shines of silver, but requires no polishing. Each piece is able to go from oven or refrigerator directly to the table, ideal for all occasions formal or casual. Warmth and personality emanate from our collection.

We hope you enjoy this spectacular handmade collection. We take pleasure in supporting the work of such talented artisans.






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